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The NP-SYSTEM HOUSE company is a South Tyrolean company, founded in 2011, specializing in the production and construction of prefabricated wooden frame houses.​

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art production machines and equipment from Germany and the application of advanced German technologies we can achieve a high level of precision and quality in manufacturing the wooden structures for you.
Our product is an excellent basis for low energy houses (above the Passive House standard), which become an essential element for the European construction market.

Our wood construction system

In addition to our production of wooden load-bearing structures, we can offer you a wide choice of materials to cover the walls, the floor and the roof structure.
The technologies we use allow us to produce wooden frame structures in accordance with our client's personal project. 
Our team of highly qualified professionals made up of engineers, technicians and designers is able to transform your 'traditional' project into a completely 'biocompatible' project, achievable with our wooden construction system.
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We are able to process the necessary static and structural calculations in compliance with the strict European regulations.
We attach great importance to the pre-production phase. We are willing to go through every detail with you to best meet your needs.
The house is a place, a kind of refuge, a shelter, where you feel good together with the family. Our mission is to assist our client in transforming his dream into a modern, ecological, high quality and energy efficient home, which could become a protective nest for entire generations.

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